Attention and Interest

Attention and

There’s nothing like a powerful, targeted headline to get your prospect’s
attention, their undivided attention. What’s the biggest benefit he gets from
doing business with you, or what’s the prospect’s most pressing problem or
frustration you can solve for him. What’s unique about doing business with you
over any of your competitors? (Headline, graphic, opening paragraph, opening
statement, unique selling advantage, etc.)
It’s critically important that you grab your prospect’s complete and
undivided attention. In this society of instant gratification and innovative
products and services, we are all bombarded to an incredible extent by
advertising messages, so that rather than listen to them all — we just tune them
Some studies suggest that we are subjected to as many as 2,500 messages
daily. That’s a lot of information to consider—everything from newspapers, TV,
radio and magazines, to newsletters that you subscribe to . . . there are
advertising messages everywhere you look.
The first thing you’ve got to do is capture your prospect’s attention, and
there’s no possible way you can do this if you haven’t done your research. You
must know your prospect inside-out, and you must have walked at least a “mile
in his moccasins” to understand.

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